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2015 Patriots Season Preview From PatsPropaganda

Our friend Mike Dussault breaks down the Patriots 2015 season.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Our friend Mike Dussault, a former staff writer who runs the website, released his eBook previewing the upcoming New England Patriots season. It costs $4 and you can download it directly to your computer.

There are a lot of national outlets that can't really give a great in depth look at the Patriots. They'll say the fairly obvious, that "Tom Brady might miss some games and that's bad," or "Bill Belichick is a good coach and that's good." They'll add "the Patriots have won the division title before so they'll probably win it again," or "the AFC East has added a bunch of stars and the Patriots lost Darrelle Revis, so the division is up for grabs." Maybe they'll even say, "Rob Gronkowski wasn't injured last season, so that's good," or "Vince Wilfork is gone to Houston, and that's sad."

All the reviews are pretty much the same.

Mike takes a different look, breaking down the whole offseason, evaluating the offense and defense, deep-diving into each positional group, and then explaining how the schedule looks to play out. He looks at the 90th person on the roster and he gives everyone similar attention.

There are charts galore and rankings and lots more. Did you know that the Patriots' blitz rate has decreased every season for the past five years? Probably not. Mike put it in his book. It's 31 pages long and not a single line is wasted.

I highly recommend it. You can buy PatsPropaganda's 2015 Patriots Season Preview here.