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PatsPulpitPodcast Episode 001: Alec and Rich Try for Glory

A brand new podcast covering the New England Patriots from SB Nation and Pats Pulpit.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the dawn of a new era. We hope your ears are ready for a cornucopia of football discussion because Alec Shane and Rich Hill have taken to the airwaves to bring you a brand spankin' new podcast (yes, I'm writing in the third person. Rich Hill don't care).

It took us roughly an hour to set it up and then we let the tape roll for nearly another hour. We used our intern (aka: Girlfriend Belichick's sister, who has iMovie) to spruce it up and upload it to YouTube.

Alec and Rich cover DeflateGate and Tom Brady, the Patriots offseason, the AFC East, the upcoming season, and players of note.

If you can't tell the voices, Alec is the one who sounds far more attractive than how he describes himself drowning in Nacho cheese in his articles. Rich sounds like Alec's descriptions. He has a cold, give him a break.

We hope you enjoy and we expect there will be many more to come over the upcoming season.

PS: Rich is thinking of shorthanding this Podcast's name on the website as "P3" for "PatsPulpitPodcast". If anyone can think of a better name, we'd love to hear it in the comments.

Editor's Note: Please use this link to access the RSS Feed. Please let us know in the comments if this isn't working.