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Which Patriots Rookie Are You Most Excited to Watch?

The Patriots rookies will report to camp. Who will you be watching?

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The New England Patriots are expecting their rookies to start camp tomorrow.

I posed a question to Twitter: Which Patriots rookie are you most excited to hear more about?

7th round ED Xzavier Dickson was the only drafted player not to earn a mention, while no undrafted player was mentioned.

Per Twitter responses, a lot are excited to see 1st round DT Malcom Brown and 4th round IL Tre Jackson. A few more are excited for 4th round picks ED Trey Flowers and IL Shaq Mason. All four players are expected to see time on the field, with Brown, Jackson, and Mason as potential starters.

I was surprised how few responses there were for 2nd round DB Jordan Richards, although I think most are feeling down on another head scratcher of a player selected early in the draft. I'm interested to see where he fits in with the defense and how quickly he picks up the playbook. If he can be a mix of Steve Gregory's football IQ and Tavon Wilson's physical ability, then he'll be a valuable asset and another potential starter.

3rd round ED Geneo Grissom only received one mention, which also seems interesting. He's a total jackknife and Bill Belichick was gushing about his potential in the New England defense. His utility will be awesome, although I think it will be similar to Akeem Ayers' last season.

We even had a vote for 5th round LS Joe Cardona.

But the winner for most excitement? 7th round CB Darryl Roberts cleaned house and it's not hard to see why. The Patriots are thin at cornerback and Roberts turned plenty of heads during summer camp with multiple pass break-ups.

Additionally, Pro Football Focus had Roberts as their 4th biggest steal of the draft (behind Patriots 4th round pick Flowers) and as a second round talent. If Roberts can earn a starting role, what's to say that he and Malcolm Butler can't provide a quality duo for the long term?

Also, Roberts has an amazing nickname that's been unleashed by ProJo's Mark Daniels.

Roberts will be in the headlines for the upcoming weeks.

Which rookie are you most excited to hear more about?