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Patriots Going Virtual: Quarterback 360 Camera in Practice

The Patriots are going to turn practice into a video game.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

How much would you pay for a virtual reality video game where you get to stand in the pocket and participate in a football practice?

How much would you want to see inside a Patriots practice with a video from inside the quarterback's pocket of protection?

I have a bag full of money and I'm ready for it to become real.

The Patriots are about to become the third NFL team, along with the 49ers and Cowboys, to strike a deal with the tech company STRIVR that specializes in immersive virtual reality training for football teams. STRIVR is also working with a handful of college teams to strengthen the product. How does it work?

"A 360-degree camera will be positioned near the quarterback to capture footage from his point of view," writes Shira Springer of the Globe. "Later, off the field, players will wear headsets resembling oversized ski goggles to review the workout in a virtual reality environment, where turning their head lets them look around the field and see plays unfold the way the quarterback does."

This will change how players practice, how film is watched and digested, and how offenses can improve their timing. For a team like the Patriots, this is a perfect way to sharpen the blade. This will also be a great opportunity for other players, mostly back-ups, to receive visual repetitions that they might otherwise not receive in camp.

Coaches can stop and start the plays at will, which means they can ask players what decisions they would make according to the defenses they're seeing- and coaches will see what the quarterbacks are seeing so there will be even greater transparency. It will be interesting to see the results.