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New England Patriots Links 7/24/15 - Rookies Have Chance For Immediate Impact

Daily news and links for 7/24/15

Rookie safety Jordan Richards intercepts a pass
Rookie safety Jordan Richards intercepts a pass
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images





  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) Roger Goodell's handling of deflate-gate has become three-ring circus.
  • Karen Guregian doesn't advocate getting your hopes up for an out-of-court settlement between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell.
  • Mike Petraglia writes Tom Brady is finding out this has never been about finding a reasonable solution: "The owners driving this race car off a cliff want blood and clearly have ordered Roger Goodell not to stand down."
  • Ben Volin thinks we should change 'deflategate' to 'delaygate' since Roger Goodell is taking his sweet time in announcing his decision on Brady's appeal.
  • Mark Maske (Washington Post) Tom Brady appeal settlement unlikely as league source says support for four-game Deflategate ban is considerable.
  • CSNNE reports Champ Bailey can't understand why Tom Brady was suspended 'for something you THINK he did,' and believes Roger Goodell will negate the suspension.
  • Mike Walsh (Boston Sports Media) The character of Chris Mortensen. /Solid read.
  • Mike Dussault (Pats Propaganda) An inconvenient Super Bowl win (for those who hate the Patriots.)
  • Jerry Thornton is outraged the Brady negotiations are being undermined by NFL owners.
  • Christopher Price notes NFLPA spokesman says "we're all anxious" to hear how Roger Goodell will rule in Brady's appeal.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Reported Brady offer to pay fine not an admission of guilt.
  • Darren Rovell (ESPN) Brady gear atop sales list despite Deflategate. /Despite? It's Brady support because of deflategate.
  • Bill Reynolds shares his thoughts six months in to the deflategate quagmire.