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Patriots Linebacker Dont'a Hightower is Looking Strong

The New England Patriots linebacker is on the road to recovery.

Sealver Siliga

New England Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower is working back from shoulder surgery for an injury he suffered late in the regular season. Per a video by defensive tackle Sealver Siliga, Hightower looks to be well on his way to recovery.

First, Hightower looks great and that's good for the Patriots. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas is recovering from a labrum injury too, and he doesn't believe he'll be ready for week 1. While Hightower still has a ways to go, and he hasn't yet taken the field, he's on pace to be ready for week 1. A healthy Hightower, along with a healthy Jerod Mayo and Jamie Collins, is essential to the Patriots defensive success.

And for seconds, can we talk about Chandler Jones? Prancing in the background? Dude has to be the Rob Gronkowski of the defense, right?

Earlier this week he posted a video of himself pretending to be an adoring fan of Jimmy Garoppolo's at the supermarket. It's hilarious and easy fun. Now he's acting out show tunes in the back of Hightower's workout videos.

By all accounts, everyone loves Jones on the team. Robert Kraft wants him around, Bill Belichick keeps him on the field with every chance he gets, and Tom Brady loves him. If Chandler has a monster season, would anyone be surprised? I think I'm going to buy low in Chandler Jones stock because he's primed for an incredible year.

Oh, and Hightower, too. Hightower's going to be an All Pro.