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DeflateGate: NFL Speaking with NFLPA For Tom Brady Settlement

Fox Sports reports that the NFL is now speaking with the NFLPA in order to come to an agreement on Tom Brady's fate.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

According to a breaking report from Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports, the NFL has opened up their communication with the NFLPA and Tom Brady to try and find a resolution for the New England Patriots quarterback. Prior to this report, the NFLPA had been noted as trying to propose a settlement agreement, but that the NFL elected not to respond. Any increase in communication is a necessity in order to avoid going to court.

Garafolo notes that Brady's camp is still unlikely to accept a suspension, while the NFL would like to keep Brady off the field. Garafolo does offer an important note on Brady's mentality.

"Brady has staunchly maintained his innocence privately (and hasn't said much publicly)," Garafolo writes. "So it remains unlikely he would accept any settlement that includes sitting out any games."

The fact that Brady is fiery about his innocence behind closed doors is a positive sign for Patriots fans who are still on the fence about whether or not anything happened to the footballs (yes, those fans exist). Brady was never going to enter the public arena to assert his stance, so any information about Brady's thoughts and actions outside of our view is important for context.

The NFL made a move this weekend by advising the officials to record the measurements of the footballs over the course of the upcoming season. Perhaps this was the first domino for the removal of Brady's suspension.