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Devin McCourty Held a Q&A, Pumped Up Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman

The Patriots All Pro free safety held a question & answer session and offered plenty of interesting insight.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty held a Q&A over the team's official Twitter account and he had plenty to say to his fans.

He discussed his favorite interceptions:

He noted the team's top offensive skill players:

Sidenote, McCourty called Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown the top receiver in the league just two weeks ago. So maybe Edelman's had himself an awesome couple of weeks.

He pointed out why he loves the Patriots:

And highlighted the special bond he has with his brother:

He issued a challenge to his teammates:

And even made a joke with Bianca Wilfork at the expense of Vince Wilfork, who has a played a major role in how McCourty has developed and grown as a professional and leader of the Patriots defense:

McCourty even answered a question he probably shouldn't have responded to, as the Patriots eventually went back and deleted his response (and knowing McCourty, he probably asked them to take it down after some reflection):

McCourty Tweet

Image courtesy of Fansided

But that's all good from my perspective- honesty should be encouraged- and I've even highlighted that the offensive line is the most important unit for the Patriots success in 2015 and beyond. McCourty is a team leader and has been a team captain since his second season with the team. He only has their best interest in mind.

With camp starting in a couple days, any questions that McCourty has about the offensive line will soon be answered. Hopefully the answers are positive.

EDIT (9:54 AM): Apparently whoever was running the Q&A meant to respond to "Who are the biggest prankers on the team" instead of "What's your biggest concern?" There was a technically hiccup and the wrong question was selected.