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DeflateGate: NFL Jumps NFLPA, Files Suspension With New York Federal Court

In a move to get ahead of the NFLPA, the NFL has filed a complaint in New York.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the NFL couldn't get any more underhanded with regards to DeflateGate, you were wrong.

Yes, the NFL waited over a month after hearing the appeal of Tom Brady to issue the verdict that they will be upholding the four-game suspension, and then they immediately filed with the New York federal court to get ahead of any response by Brady and the NFLPA. This isn't the action of an entity confident that their verdict will be upheld.

If you needed evidence that this is no longer about Tom Brady, and has devolved into an NFL vs NFLPA power struggle, well, here you go. Brady is stuck in the crossfire and the NFLPA is waiting for Brady's go-ahead to file a counter case in Minnesota, a labor-friendly state.

So, way to go, NFL. Way to pick your battles, especially when the science actually disagrees with your verdict.

Just. Wow.