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DeflateGate: New England Patriots Issue Statement on Tom Brady's Suspension

The New England Patriots are making their feelings known about DeflateGate.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have released a statement regarding the upheld suspension for quarterback Tom Brady:

"We are extremely disappointed in today's ruling by Commissioner Goodell. We cannot comprehend the league's position in this matter. Most would agree that the penalties levied originally were excessive and unprecedented, especially in light of the fact that the league has no hard evidence of wrongdoing. We continue to unequivocally believe in and support Tom Brady. We also believe that the laws of science continue to underscore the folly of this entire ordeal. Given all of this, it is incomprehensible as to why the league is attempting to destroy the reputation of one of its greatest players and representatives."

The Patriots cover all of the bases regarding the absurdity of DeflateGate.

1) A four game suspension for the quarterback, a record $1 million fine, and the loss of a 1st and a 4th round pick for "deflated footballs"?

2) And those "deflated footballs" weren't even proven to be deflated?

3) And the league has no evidence that any deflation actually occurred?

4) And the science supports the exact pressure results that were found?

5) And the league is drawing out a character assassination of one of the league's most perfect ambassadors to an asinine degree?

"Incomprehensible", indeed.