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New England Patriots Links 7/29/15 - Deflategate: NFL's Mission to Destroy Tom Brady

Daily news and links for 7/29/15

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  • Michael McCann (SI) Why Goodell ruled against Brady in Deflategate, and Brady's next steps.
  • Steve Buckley wonders why the NFL has now made it its mission to destroy Tom Brady.
  • Mike Reiss opens class with Tom Brady 101, and tells us what's next for the Patriots.
  • Mike Reiss reports on all of the deflategate events from Tuesday.
  • Jeff Howe reports Tom Brady's side vows to fight on after NFL upholds ban.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Brady offered to help NFL gather missing text messages.
  • Jeff Howe posts three important takeaways from Tom Brady's statement.
  • Ryan Hannable gives us some notable takeaways from the NFL 20-page final decision upholding Brady's suspension.
  • Rachel G. Bowers gives us five takeaways from the NFL's report on Tom Brady's appeal hearing.
  • Mike Petraglia reports the Patriots organization 'cannot comprehend' Roger Goodell upholding Tom Brady's 4-game suspension.
  • Adam Kilgore (Washington Post) Tom Brady’s upheld DeflateGate suspension perfectly exhibits the NFL’s shattered disciplinary system.
  • Michael Hurley says it's hard to fully believe anything released by Goodell or the NFL.
  • Mike Petraglia tells us why all hope is not lost for Tom Brady.
  • Alan Milstein (Sports Law Blog) Deflategate: Round II.  Brady can win this in court.
  • Matt Chatham joins NESN Live to discuss Tom Brady's appeal ruling. (4.20 min. video) /Matt tells us not to be duped by league's talk of the phone.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) NFLPA calls Brady decision "outrageous."
  • Philip Marcelo (AP) Patriots fans defiant after 'Deflategate' ruling.
  • Steve Balestrieri (PatsFans) Tom Brady needs an epic 4th-quarter comeback in court, and to speak.
  • Fitzy (SBN Studios) Patriots fan furious that Tom Brady's suspension is upheld. (4.31 min. video) [Language]
  • Karen Guregian reacts to the news of Brady destroying his cell phone and says that his image is seriously damaged now.
  • Darin Gantt (ProFootballTalk) Patriots: "Extremely disappointed" in Goodell’s Brady decision.
  • Kevin Duffy doesn't think the latest development in Deflategate looks good for Tom Brady.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) NFL offered Brady "at least 50 percent" reduction in exchange for admission of guilt.
  • The Herald posts Roger Goodell's full Final Decision on Article 46 Appeal of Tom Brady.
  • Mike Reiss posts the NFLPA statement on Roger Goodell upholding Tom Brady's four-game suspension.
  • Mike Reiss reports Tom Brady's agent, Don Yee, rips NFL in strongly worded statement.


  • Dan Shaugnessy tells us this is worse than spygate and it's time to give up on Brady since the league found him guilty.
  • Jackie MacMullan (ESPN) Tom Brady needs to drop it and move on.
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) Tom Brady's destroyed cell phone is smoking gun that crushed the Patriots superstar.
  • Ben Volin believes Brady is probably guilty but he has nothing to lose by taking NlFL to court.
  • Mike Freeman (Bleacher Report) Time for Brady to admit he cheated and save the NFL from a civil war.
  • Lester Munson (ESPN) Tom Brady has no shot in court.