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DeflateGate: NFL, NFLPA Agree to Expedite Tom Brady Ruling

The New York courts are forcing the two sides to play ball.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had to New York court to fight the NFL over DeflateGate, the judge at hand isn't wasting any time with either side's rhetoric.

First, Judge Richard M. Berman told the NFL to only submit a 15 page memo in response to the 54 page Illiad that the NFLPA submit, and the NFLPA to respond in kind.

Berman also told both sides to try and come to a settlement agreement so this won't have to go to court. In an impressive case of hand-holding, Berman is arranging a meeting between the two parties on August 12th to check in on the settlement negotiations and to see if the two sides can accomplish any progress. (editor's note: Apparently this meeting will be public to the media?!)

The judge also set another meeting for August 19th for both sides to present their oral arguments to the judge.

Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are cordially invited to both meetings.

Berman's call for settlement is a likely response to both parties sounding Oh-So-Very-Eager to file and come to a resolution prior to the start of the season. A major hang-up for the two parties will be the terms of the settlement. The NFL has made it known that they want Brady to accept guilt and to apologize. Brady has made it clear that he wants to be fully exonerated with no suspension.

Don't be shocked if there is a settlement out of court as an adult is now in charge of the proceedings, but unless the NFL changes its stance, or Brady accepts a suspension, this will likely continue through August.