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Deflategate: Tom Brady Appeal Open Thread

Tom Brady, the NFLPA, and the NFL are meeting today to discuss a settlement. Will anything get done?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know, Tom Brady is in New York this morning to meet with the NFL and Judge Berman to discuss a possible settlement regarding his suspension. While initial reports have stated that there has been zero movement from either camp and that things are looking more and more like we'll be seeing this saga play out all the way to the beginning of the season, at this point absolutely nothing should come as a surprise to anyone.

Use this thread to discuss any rumors, updates, or theories that will undoubtedly be floating through the ether today. It's best to get all of this Deflategate stuff in one spot, as there is also practice and know...actual football going on a few miles north in Foxboro. So for folks that just want to hear about Patriots training camp, they can stay far away from this thread and all of the rational, well-informed, non-reactionary discussion that always follows anything related to PSI.