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The Eight Best Tom Brady DeflateGate Court Memes

The court artist has to draw the scene extremely quickly. The DeflateGate picture wasn't pretty.

So there's a court artist whose job is to draw the scene in front of them. It's a quick and dirty job where there's little time to get the picture drawn perfectly. Or, you know, drawn well.

The picture above is how supermodel gorgeous quarterback Tom Brady was depicted in the trial. The artist said that she doesn't "tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful." That might be an understatement.

Still, art truly inspires other artists and these are the best memes that have spawned from the dreadful court photo.

1. Tom Brady Phone Home

2. Standard Cable Tom Brady

3. Screamin' Tom Brady

4. DeflateGate is a Thriller

5. Mob Boss Brady

6. Tom Brady's Precious Rings

7. The Imposter

This is the head coach of the LSU Tigers stating that he's not the person depicted with the white cap behind Brady. It's amazing.

8. The Minute Sketches

Please take a minute to peruse the attempts of the SB Nation headquarters as they attempted to draw Tom Brady in under a minute. It's awful horrible no good very bad and makes me want to cry.

Kind of like DeflateGate.