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Preseason Week 1 Patriots vs Packers: Predict the Score!

What do you think the final score will be for the preseason's opening game?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

While the final scores of preseason games mean absolutely nothing, it's still fun to project the score in order to remain interested in the final minutes of the game.

Technically speaking, the New England Patriots are three-point favorites over the Green Bay Packers and I have no idea where that line comes from. For all intents and purposes, the Packers have one of the best receiving corps in the league and the Patriots have a brand, spankin' new secondary and likely won't have quarterback Tom Brady.

The over/under is set at 37.5 points, which means that the teams are expected to score roughly that many points combined. Again, who knows, and who really cares?

Either way, the final score is heavily reliant on how long each team plans on playing their top quality players against the opposing team's back-ups. With that in mind, what do you think the final score will be?