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DeflateGate: Tom Brady, NFLPA Offer Suspension for Cooperation, Not Wells Report Findings

The New England Patriots quarterback has offered to take a suspension to put DeflateGate in the past.

While DeflateGate isn't over, one side has shown a willingness to try and settle with terms that won't perjure the other party.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, "Tom Brady is open to accepting some form of suspension, but only if it can be for failing to cooperate with the NFL rather than admitting to the Wells' Report findings, per league sources."

Schefter adds that "the NFL has been adamant that Brady admits to the report's findings, something [Brady] doesn't seem willing to ever do."

Multiple sources have stated that there has been no progress as it comes to settlement, but it's clear that only one side has been negotiating for a settlement in good faith. The NFL hasn't budged from their stance of Brady accepting full guilt, while Brady and the NFL Players Association have offered multiple alternative options, including a reduced suspension.

Alternatively, one of the NFLPA's cornerstone arguments is that no player has ever been suspended due to lack of cooperation, and they often cite BountyGate as the source of their justification. It seems weird that Brady's team would all of a sudden be amenable to an unprecedented penalty, when this whole case has been about setting precedence.

The leaked settlement offer counters everything the NFLPA has stood for in court. The most simple explanation is that Brady's camp leaked the terms in order to sway public opinion in their favor, showing that the NFLPA is willing to bend to come to settlement terms.

Tom Brady is in West Virginia to participate in joint practices between the Patriots and the Saints, under the guidance of Judge Berman. Judge Berman highlighted the lack of progress in negotiations as reason for sending Tom Brady back to his usual employment schedule.

While most people would be unhappy to see Brady serve any sort of suspension for such a hack-job of an investigation, Brady would likely have to serve a game or two if there is to be any sort of settlement. The other path would be to continue to fight for the penalty to be fully overturned, which would likely lead to years of litigation, and who knows how or when DeflateGate would ever be resolved.