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DeflateGate: NFL Continues to Selectively Address Reports

The NFL continues to thrive on hypocrisy with how the approach Tom Brady and DeflateGate.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In today's scandal-less scandal, fans couldn't find Mike Kensil, the supposed Patient Zero from the league headquarters, on the NFL's Operations website. Kensil, Vice President of Game Operations, was still available on the website, but the notion that Kensil had been fired by the league spread like wildfire.

Greg Aiello, the NFL's PR person, quickly corrected the false report to ensure that everyone was aware that Kensil's status in the league "hasn't changed." The NFL snuffed out a dumb report within 12 hours to ensure one of their employees wasn't caught in the crossfire.

This approach runs counter to how the league approached DeflateGate, where the league intentionally withheld crucial information that could have corrected a false report that damaged the brand of the New England Patriots and started the dumbest "scandal" the sports world has ever seen.

The correction from the NFL is just another step by the league to correct misinformation that is damaging to the league's reputation, in stark contract to how they handled the Patriots requests to correct ESPN's false reports. This hypocrisy is starting to finally make headlines as the league's shoddy approach to the investigation is reaching critical mass. The NFL clearly lacked standards and imprinted an obvious bias on each step of the process.