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DeflateGate: New Orleans Saints Join Reasonable People to #DefendTheWall

The Saints Twitter account made it known that whoever is in charge of their PR knows what they're doing.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

For however much support Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have gained in the public sphere, most people currently in the league have kept their mouths shut. It's not their job to talk about it and while players should immediate rally to Brady's side due to how blatantly Roger Goodell is bypassing the agreed upon Collective Bargaining Agreement in order to impose his will, it's been quiet.

Well, the New Orleans Saints seem to have listened during the joint practices and, as the focus of BountyGate, know what it's like to have an appeals process overturn Goodell's terrible and draconian ruling.

The Saints are defending the wall.

The Saints Twitter account also gave daps to our friend Fitzy and to Barstool's David Portnoy, one of the pioneers of "defend the wall" concept.

So if you're looking for an NFC team to support this upcoming year, I think it's a pretty simple choice to make.