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New England Patriots Links 8/21/15 - Patriots Need Jimmy Garoppolo Ready to Go

Daily news and links for 8/21/15

Jimmy Garoppolo calm in the chaos
Jimmy Garoppolo calm in the chaos
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports




  • Sterling Xie (Bleacher Report) Patriots vs. Saints: Previewing New England's preseason Week 2 matchup.
  • Oliver Thomas (247 Sports) Report: Patriots wideout Brian Tyms dealing with serious injury.
  • Oliver Thomas (247 Sports) Special-teams captain Matthew Slater unfazed by reps at receiver.
  • Katherine Terrell (Times-Picayune) Tom Brady has big day vs. Saints depleted secondary, and other news from joint practice.
  • Mike Triplett (ESPN) Randy Moss, Malcolm Butler praise Saints WR Brandin Cooks: 'Sky's the limit'.
  • Erik Frenz (Bleacher Report) Patriots: What we've learned through Week 1 of preseason.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) ESPN issues late-night apology to Patriots.
  • Rod Corriveau (Goal Line Gazette) ESPN: Nice try with the apology, next time try sincerity.
  • Michael David Smith (ProFootballTalk) Peyton Manning feared Patriots bugging visitors’ locker room.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Rodney Harrison talks about claims of locker-room bugging.
  • David R. McCullough (Inside the Pylon) Mission accomplished: NFL hides its concussion problem successfully.
  • Emily Kaplan (The MMQB) Ten things I think I think: Does the NFL love a good training camp fight?


  • Tom E. Curran says the NFL is again slapped back by a federal judge who’s points out that they are the ones guilty of doing what they say the Patriots have done.
  • Mike Petraglia explains what Giants' co-owner John Mara has to do with deflategate, and why he would decline to help broker a settlement.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Why would Judge Berman go over Goodell’s head?
  • Gary Myers (NY Daily News) NFL denied court request to involve Giants' John Mara in DeflateGate settlement talks.
  • Mike Freeman (Bleacher Report) NFL owner on Deflategate: 'This entire episode is embarrassing our sport.'
  • Mike Ozanian (Forbes) Roger Goodell must free Tom Brady to save himself.
  • Christopher Price points out that Tom Brady not talking over the last three months has been the best decision either side has made throughout the process.
  • Jonathan Vankin (Inquisitir) Deflategate judge slams NFL on 'basic fairness' of Tom Brady's suspension -- but case could drag on for years.
  • Michael Hurley explains why this is all Roger Goodell's fault: A competent, fair and reasonable commissioner would have ended the story before it ever began.
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) Deflate-gate is rotting Roger Goodell's spoils of lockout victory.
  • Kevin Duffy says if Tom Brady wins in federal court, he can thank Roger Goodell's ineptitude.
  • Robert Blecker ( Deflategate: The smoking gun. The crooked case against Tom Brady.
  • H. Brian Holland, Professor of Law, Texas A&M University (The Conversation) Deflategate has never been about footballs -- so what, exactly is the NFL up to?
  • Rob Zeitz (Boston's Title Town Talk) When idiots conspire: How the meatheads running the NFL sabotaged their own conspiracy to hurt the Patriots.
  • Jonathan Vankin (Inquisitir) Tom Brady suspension could be increased, Roger Goodell warns in new 'deflategate' court filing.