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Do Your Job: An Inside Look at Patriots Magician Ernie Adams

Ernie Adams is Willy Wonka and the Patriots are about to show how the chocolate is made.

David Cannon/Getty Images

This isn't a picture of the Patriots guru Ernie Adams. It's golfer Ernie Els playing with Adams Golf clubs. The reason this is the picture on our website is because there isn't a picture of Ernie Adams in the public sphere that we're able to use. He doesn't exist. He's a myth, a ghost, an idea more than reality, and he's one of the cornerstones of the Patriots dynasty.

The New England Patriots have an official film set to release on September 9th at 8PM titled Do Your Job: Bill Belichick and the 2014 Patriots. It follows the Patriots coaching staff and how they went about their preparation.

It also features Mr. Ernie Adams and the Patriots have released a sneak peek of Adams' section on their website.

Adams is exactly how you would expect, with thick spectacles, a professor's mustache and parted hair, a neighborly tucked in shirt, and a humble aw shucks Boston accent.

His office is a mess, with binders and binders and loose papers and highlighters and just one small bottle of water in contrast to defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, often seen with three energy drinks.

On the white board behind him, Adams has the words "Pink Stripes" laid out and now I really need to know if Tom Brady is going to call an audible with the phrase Pink Stripes! Pink Stripes!

Adams talks about how coaching with Bill Belichick is all that he knows and that he helps lay out the game plans for both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Adams coaches the scout team and looks to the certain tendencies of opposing teams in situational football so the Patriots can be best prepared.

He is Willy Wonka and we are getting the tour of the Chocolate Factory. I can't wait.