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Reggie Wayne's Odds: List of 36+ Year Old Wide Receivers That Change Teams

The Patriots have picked up an old wide receiver- what are the odds they can teach him new tricks?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

(h/t to WEEI's Chris Price for the idea)

So the New England Patriots have signed 36-year-old Reggie Wayne, turning 37 on November 17th. How many wide receivers can say they've changed teams after they turned 36? How many have had success?

Well, funny you should ask that specific question, because I have the answer.

Fourteen receivers, with at least one reception at the age of 36, have changed teams and recorded another reception at an older age. Six are in the Hall of Fame, with a seventh (Terrell Owens) on the way.

When looking at age-36 production, Wayne would fall in 8th place with his 779 yards in 2014. Of the seven players with 600 or more receiving yards at the age of 36, Jerry Rice and Owens are the only two receivers to record a better season than their age-36 performance.

Of more important note, only Rice, Owens, Patriots great Irving Fryar, and Art Monk are the only four receivers to post a 300+ yard season after changing teams at age-36 or older. The other ten receivers have averaged just 122 yards in the season after a team change.

Where will Wayne fall? Odds are against him improving on his 779 yard season, and if he posts 300+ yards he'll be in good company.

The Fourteen Receivers

Don Maynard, James Lofton, Art Monk, Henry Ellard, Irving Fryar, Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Tim Brown, Ricky Proehl, Keenan McCardell, Joey Galloway, Terrell Owens, Derrick Mason, Brandon Stokely