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New England Patriots Links 8/04/15 - Stork Standing Out at Center

Daily news and links for 8/04/15

Bryan Stork centers the O-line.
Bryan Stork centers the O-line.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports





  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Tom Brady will appear in court on the 12th.
  • Tom E. Curran tells us Judge Berman seems to like to get his work done fast and in full view of the public.
  • Charles P. Pierce (Grantland) Patriot Games: Deflategate and the golden boy that never was. /Great read.
  • Bryan Stackpole (Downtown with Rich Kimball) Stephanie Stradley on why no suspension for Tom Brady is the best settlement. (12.58 min. audio)
  • Ben Volin thinks the footballs were monkeyed around with and Brady deserves some punishment, but  can't understand why the NFL has 'gone to war with the Patriots' and calls the NFL's actions 'deplorable, small and vindictive.'
  • Chad Finn calls ESPN's Chris Mortensen's false report the Typhoid Mary of this entire situation.
  • Kevin Duffy posts the full transcript and highlights of Chris Mortensen's ESPN interview, breaking his silence on Deflategate. /Makes me wish he just stayed silent.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Mortensen talks 11-of-12 footballs report on ESPN Radio.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Mortensen’s original story still has the 11-of-12 footballs falsehood.
  • Ryan Glasspiegel (The Big Lead) Mort on ‘Two Pounds’ Report: "I didn’t correct it on Twitter, which was a mistake." Commentary, plus 13.06 min. audio. /Mort lies. Again.
  • Dwayne Allen (Sports Grid) Chris Mortensen: Didn't correct false deflategate report because he still hasn't figured out Twitter.
  • .Mike Reiss passes along the NFL's explanation of why having Troy Vincent and Mike Kensil in the officials' locker room did not violate the NFL constitution.
  • Ken Fang (Awful Announcing) The Patriots vs. the NFL over deflategate leaks to ESPN is fascinating.
  • Mike Lupica (NY Daily News) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is biggest loser in DeflateGate debacle. "But now I hope that Brady does in federal court what he's done for one of the great careers in the history of American sports: I hope he wins."
  • Jason McIntyre (The Big Lead) NFL and ESPN: A recent history of muted criticism and alleged leaked and loaded information.
  • Patrick R. Diggins (Goal Line Gazette) The Super Bowl after glow that wasn't.
  • Michael Felger believes a Brady/NFL settlement may depend on who has more to hide.