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New England Patriots Links 8/06/15 - Belichick on Jimmy Garoppolo: 'We Don't Have Backups & Starters, Just a Team'

Daily news and links for 8/06/15

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  • Kerry J. Byrne (Cold Hard Football Facts) Roger Goodell's fatal mistake: Tom Brady an innocent man.
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) Roger Goodell's manipulation of Tom Brady's testimony leaves NFL on slippery slope.  /A must-read.
  • Matt Chatham (Football By Football) The NFL [still] thinks you're stupid: Transcript dump shows a league that shouldn't be pointing fingers.
  • Mark Daniels explains how Roger Goodell was dishonest about Tom Brady's testimony.
  • Andrew Brandt (The MMQB) What the transcript tells us.
  • Jeff Howe explains how he finds that the Brady appeal transcripts have further compromised the integrity of Goodell, Wells and others.
  • Michael Hurley believes that since the NFL has no big play, no ace in the hole, Tom Brady is going to win in court.
  • Steve Buckley is starting to believe the 'lunatic fringe' of Pats fans may not be so lunatic after all, as he's hearing the NFL drumbeat of a witch hunt.
  • Danny Picard declares enough is enough, Roger Goodell must be fired..
  • Peter King (The MMQB) "I'm not convinced Brady ordered the Code Red." (1.56 min. video)
  • Ben Volin reports Tom Brady's emails provide a glimpse into the quarterback's life. "Oh, so this is why Brady didn’t want to hand over his cellphone."
  • Jeff Zrebiec (Baltimore Sun) Once again, Ravens find themselves in the middle of NFL's biggest controversy.
  • John Lynch (Fox Sports) Roger Goodell's reputation 'has taken a hit, perception-wise' (1.12 min. video)
  • Larry Neumeister (AP Pro32) Judge overseeing Brady case no stranger to big personalities.
  • Mike Cole reports hockey legend Don Cherry took to Twitter to rant his defense of Tom Brady and tells haters to 'give your head a shake'.