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Former Patriot Greats Troy Brown and Scott Zolak Talk Up X1 Sports App

File this under 'Just in time for Football Season'

2012 Patriots Hall of Fame inductee Troy Brown
2012 Patriots Hall of Fame inductee Troy Brown
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

A week ago I had a chance to mingle with three-time Super Bowl winning WR Troy Brown, broadcaster Scott Zolak and '98.5 The Sports Hub' host Marc Bertrand at the Xfinity Store in Needham.

Comcast hosted the event to promote the new X1 Sports app, designed to complement the viewing experience for those of us who watch sporting events at home. Fans can customize it by team or fantasy player, and besides keeping track of fantasy stats, it provides extra information about the game as it is playing live.  Pretty cool.

From someone who married an engineer so I wouldn't have to figure out how to set up the rabbit ears, VHS, DVD player, DVR or program the cable box, I found this app surprisingly easy to navigate too - just follow the prompts.

For the NFL and NCAA football season, we’re making the X1 Sports app the ultimate football companion. We are dramatically enhancing the experience for football fans, providing more data, real-time stats and visualizations, than ever before: pre-game player and team comparisons, injury reports, fantasy stats and leaders, win/loss probabilities to full post-game analysis including drive chart summary.

Since this promotional event was held the day before Judge Richard Berman set Tom Brady free, I held off writing it up until we got a little closer to game day.  Here are a few other tidbits I learned from the guests:

--Troy Brown was wearing his Super Bowl XXXVIII ring and was asked how he decides which one to wear.  "I just reach into the bag."

--Both Brown and Scott Zolak strongly believed Brady would not miss a game (and they were right).

--Zolak also correctly predicted Aaron Dobson and Brandon Bolden making the roster.

--Zolak's knock on Josh Boyce is his consistency.

--Brown sees Buffalo as more of a challenge to the Patriots than Miami. Rex Ryan is a big reason why.

--Marc Bertrand hears from everyone about how far off the rails Michael Felger has gone since he left the show.