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DeflateGate Patriots T-Shirt: Where Is Roger?

The NFL Commissioner decided he wouldn't attend the Patriots opening game. WHERE IS HE?!

New England Patriots fans have to take a selfless approach to the game of football. They're supposed to be interested in law and science, instead of the art of the quick pass or press coverage. They're not supposed to enjoy the game, but instead act as an educator of the blind masses.

So when beloved NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that he wasn't going to attend the NFL opener at Gillette Stadium, the hearts of Patriots nation broke. Why would such an upstanding citizen not want to attend the NFL's kickoff game between the Patriots and the Steelers? He's attended every kick off game until this year, but instead he's decided to go watch the Bears and Packers play.

Goodell offered an explanation by saying that he attended the past two Patriots home games and that there was no need for him to attend yet another. It's understandable- as a commissioner, he doesn't want to show favoritism; what if his presence inspires the Patriots to play better football? It certainly worked in the playoffs!

The concern of the Patriots fans was audible during the NFL broadcast, when the stadium erupted into chants of Where Is Roger?! *clap clap clapclapclap*. For the benefit of the inquiring fans around the league, we're offering the below shirt to help the world find Roger Goodell, to make sure he's okay.


You can buy the shirt here.