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Week 1 Patriots vs Steelers: GIF of the Week

The New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. What was the play of the day?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Steelers Forget to Cover Rob Gronkowski 1.0

The Pittsburgh Steelers tried the bold strategy of not covering the best offensive weapon in the league. I would argue that it didn't work out for the Steelers, but it kind of turned out exactly as they should've expected. It's like the Patriots played right into their trap, but Pittsburgh forgot that Prime Troy Polamalu wasn't on the field. Look at #41 make a business decision to not even try and tackle Rob Gronkowski until it was way too late.

Sebastian Vollmer Throws a Guy

This was only visible on the All-22, hence the size, but major props to Sea Bass for this toss. Sure, the Patriots didn't score on this play, but Vollmer just flung a 300-pound defensive tackle. Not bad.

Dion Lewis Breaks 10 Ankles

Dion Lewis could very well be banished to Tampa for his red zone fumble, but he'll always have this incredible game against the Steelers. You can see five Steelers dive and miss at Lewis before a pair manage to bring him down. Fair reminder that Lewis is all of 5'6. He's a thrill ride every time he touches the ball- hopefully he stays active.

Also, daps to left guard Shaq Mason for absolutely bulldozing a rushing lane for Lewis on the outside. He's a one-man wrecking ball as a run blocker.

Steelers Forget to Cover Rob Gronkowski 2.0

Rookie first round pick Bud Depree was the only player on the Steelers roster who thought that Pittsburgh was in zone coverage. Gronk had a pretty free release and caught the ball 20 yards down the field before rumbling for another 33. That poor safety absolutely whiffs on his tackle attempt.

Duron Harmon goes Sideline to Sideline

Look at Harmon start outside the hashes on the farside and immediately break to the deep pass. The rain was coming down heavy and Ben Roethlisberger had terrible touch. It was like he was hoping for a Joe Flacco-esque defensive pass interference call (and probably would've gotten it if Harmon hadn't picked it off). Harmon might not have the range of Devin McCourty, but he definitely has the skills of a free safety.