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NFL Power Rankings: Patriots Back on Top, Bills in 6th

SB Nation released its latest power rankings and the Patriots are on top.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots held a convincing win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, while the Seattle Seahawks lost to the St. Louis Rams. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears as is tradition.

The Patriots win was considered more impressive and vaulted New England to the top position of the power rankings, where this writer believes the reigning Super Bowl champion should remain until someone proves otherwise.

The Seahawks tumbled down to 8th place, with only the Vikings falling further after the opening week (14th to 22nd). Somehow the Broncos atrocious showing against the Ravens (zero offensive touchdowns?!) improved their ranking from 4th to 3rd. The Colts fell from 5th to 10th after they were spanked by the Bills.

Speaking of Buffalo, the Patriots Week 2 opponent jumped from 19th place to 6th. That's a massive jump for the Bills, who are now riding the Rex Ryan wave to wherever it takes them. Only the Packers, Broncos, Cardinals, and Chiefs separate Tom Brady from Tyrod Taylor.

A lot more will be known after this upcoming week.