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Preseason Week 4 Patriots vs Giants Betting Odds: Predict the Score!

The New England Patriots won't be playing Tom Brady or any of their starters- how will that affect the final score?

The New England Patriots will be hosting the New York Giants in the final preseason game of the season. Don't expect any of the Patriots starters to see the field, unless they're young or they need the experience. This is going to be a, cross your fingers, healthy game for both sides.

The Patriots are currently 3 point favorites, the standard points given to the home team in an otherwise neutral contest. The over/under is 39.5, which seems to be fair for a we don't even know the players on the field game.

That said, if Jimmy Garoppolo gets a full game against the Giants back-ups, there's a high chance he might light up the scoreboard, especially if he gets to play any time with Scott Chandler, Aaron Dobson, or any of the starting running backs. This could actually be a fun game to watch, and will be (hopefully) the final chance Garoppolo has to start in the 2015 season.

So what do you think will be the final score?