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Week 2 Patriots vs Bills: Three Stars of the Game

The New England Patriots held on to a victory against Rex Ryan and the Bills. Here are the key players that made it happen.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Honorable Mentions: Tight end Rob Gronkowski, wide receivers Julian Edelman and Aaron Dobson, running back Dion Lewis. Gronk picked up 113 yards and a touchdown. Edelman gained 109 yards and two touchdowns. Dobson snagged 87 yards. Lewis generated 138 yards and a touchdown. This was a ridiculous showing by the Patriots skill players.

Third Star: Linebacker Jamie Collins. I had to represent the Patriots defense and Chandler Jones also had a strong game. But I went with Collins who was a star throughout the game. Collins picked up 2.5 sacks and was active behind the line of scrimmage. He made shoestring tackles. It was a dominant game for a player that struggled in the opening week.

Second Star: Quarterback Tom Brady. 38/59 for 466 yards and three touchdowns. No interceptions. If Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick weren't too busy trying to flex their muscles with kill shots over Rex Ryan, the Patriots would've had a three or four score victory. Brady was accurate and his deep ball was the best in a long time. He was a little shaky to start the game, but he made due with an offensive lane held together by duct tape.

First Star: Wide Receiver Danny Amendola. This saved the game. That is all.