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DeflateGate: Judge Richard Berman Talks About his Decision

The Judge who ruled in Tom Brady's favor seems like he wasn't impressed with the NFL's settlement tactics.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some interesting DeflateGate information. Joon Lee, a writer over at our Red Sox affiliate Over the Monster, had the opportunity to speak with Judge Richard Berman to hear about his thoughts on the case. I highly recommend the read.

Berman tried to tell both sides to find settlement terms so he wouldn't have to rule.

"We started the process," Berman said. "And I think both sides came to it in good faith and they went as far as they would go, each of them, but it turns out that was not close enough to get to an agreement."

It was clear that Berman was trying to force the NFL to adopt a more settlement-friendly stance during the public meetings. The judge repeatedly bashed the NFL and their tactics during the investigation and told them that he he had grounds to overturn their verdict to suspend Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The NFL Players Association counsel Jeffrey Kessler was smart to offer venues for settlement. Kessler agreed that Brady could've been more cooperative and that a suspension for lack of cooperation would be possible. The NFL stayed firm in their stance that Brady would have to accept guilt, even though he swore under oath that he was innocent. The inflexibility of the NFL surely drew some contempt from Berman.

The whole read is interesting and discusses Berman's background in high profile cases. Check it out!