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Week 2 Patriots vs Bills: GIF of the Week

The Patriots trounced the Bills and here are the highlights!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Butler Did It Again

The Patriots top cornerback Malcolm Butler made one heck of an athletic grab early on the game for his first interception of the regular season. It was the Patriots most impressive interception of the first half and was just one point of Butler's extremely positive day.

In fact, the Bills only targeted Butler once and that was when a miscommunication left Butler in coverage of two Bills receivers. Robert Woods ultimately scored the touchdown, but Butler almost made a play in that bad situation, too. He has a bright future.

The Flying Incredelman

Julian Edelman is Mr. Reliable and he continues to make plays week after week after week. In Edelman's past 11 games, he's registered 103 touches for 1,061 yards, and 6 touchdowns. Over the course of a full season, that's 150 touches for 1,543 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Oh, he's also thrown for one and returned a punt for one. He's so important for this team.

Danny Amendola is Impossible

But of course Danny Amendola stole the show. Some kerfuffed when I made him my #1 star, but Amendola also contributed a few key punt returns early in the game that cracked the Bills defense wide open. I stand by that.

This catch, though? Looking into the sun? Full extension? Impossible.

Logan Ryan Seals the Game

And this was the best interception of the second half. Logan Ryan pretty much makes the same interception as Malcolm Butler, but dove from the other direction. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor overthrew his man, the ball was tipped up, and then the Patriots defensive back made a diving fingertip grab.

Not bad at all.