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Week 2 Patriots vs Bills: Best and Worst Plays of the Day

The Patriots beat the Bills, but there are definitely some plays that Bill Belichick would like back.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Top Five Plays of the Day

5. Malcolm Butler makes a diving interception on a Tyrod Taylor overthrow and takes the ball back to the Buffalo 30 yard line (+2.76 EPA). This was a third down play to open up the second quarter.

4. Tom Brady throws a 28 yard rope to Rob Gronkowski for 28 yards (+2.82 EPA). While this wasn't a score, it was a key 3rd and 6 conversion that kept the Patriots moving to start the second half.

3. Tom Brady throws an 8 yard dart to Julian Edelman for a touchdown (+3.42 EPA). If Brady didn't complete this game-tying pass on 3rd and 8, the Patriots would have to settle for a field goal.

2. Tom Brady throws a quick pass to Julian Edelman, who takes it 22 yards for a diving touchdown (+3.44 EPA). The Patriots were facing a 2nd and 10 from the Bills 22 yard line.

1. Tom Brady throws a 40 yard pass down the sideline to Dion Lewis (+ 4.01 EPA). The Patriots were facing a 2nd and 20 from their own 17 yard line and this one play tilted the entire landscape of the drive.

Danny Amendola's incredible catch doesn't actually even rank in the top 10. It's behind multiple interceptions, Rob Gronkowski catches, a 3rd down sack by Chandler Jones, and a Danny Amendola punt return.

Bottom Five Plays of the Day

5. Tyrod Taylor completes a 24-yard touchdown pass to Sammy Watkins over Bradley Fletcher (-3.03 EPA). The Bills pulled within one score after this touchdown.

4. Bradley Fletcher is flagged for a 39-yard defensive pass interference call in coverage of Percy Harvin (-3.29 EPA). The Bills completed a 9-yard touchdown pass to Charles Clay on the subsequent play.

3. Tyrod Taylor completes a 32-yard touchdown pass to Robert Woods over Malcolm Butler (-3.55 EPA). There was a miscommunication that left Butler in coverage of two Bills receivers and the Bills took advantage.

2. Dion Lewis fumbles the ball on the Bills 42 yard line and Bills defensive back Corey Graham returns it for 29 yards (-4.78 EPA). Luckily Aaron Williams made a boneheaded decision to hit Julian Edelman after the play to save the Patriots 15 yards.

1. Tom Brady is strip sacked by Jerry Hughes on the Bills 35 yard line and Buffalo recovers (-5.52 EPA). This was the single most impactful play on the day for either team.

There's no surprise that the Patriots worst plays were turnovers. The 9th and 10th worst plays on the day were Tom Brady's 4th-and-1 pass attempts deep down the field to Julian Edelman.