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NFL Week 3: Late Games Open Thread

The Patriots are 3-0 and now we can all enjoy the rest of today's games.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 51-17, the New England Patriots improve to 3-0 and lone first place in the AFC East since the New York Jets have lost 24-17 to the Philadelphia Eagles. The two other divisional rivals also play today – which is one of five games to still take place in week 3.

Those games are as follows:

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (4:05 pm ET)

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (4:25 pm ET)

Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks (4:25 pm ET)

Tonight's prime time game is...

Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos (8:30 pm ET)

Enjoy the games and use this thread to discuss them.