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The New England Patriots Acquire Chicago Bears Linebacker Jon Bostic

The former 2nd round pick of the 2013 draft goes from an 0-3 to a 3-0 team.

The face you make when you find out you got traded to the New England Patriots.
The face you make when you find out you got traded to the New England Patriots.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Flashing back to the 2013 draft, the Bears and the Patriots were only two picks apart in the 2nd round. The Patriots traded down from 29 to 52 while picking up picks 83, 102, and 217. The Bears took Florida LB Jonathan Bostic 50th overall and the Patriots later took Jamie Collins 52nd overall. Collins has blossomed into one of the NFL's young stars while Bostic washed out in Chicago and was subsequently traded to the Patriots. The return for the trade is a 6th round pick, which the Patriots are likely to receive back as a compensatory selection.

While Bostic won't likely start over both Collins and Dont'a Hightower, there is a need for him on Special Teams and as a reserve. He's athletic for a linebacker, so it's still possible he can develop into a big time player. His strengths are in the running game and tackling in traffic or space. He's excellent in drive, but struggles a bit in reverse and in coverage. One of the factors in what could have possibly stunted his growth is the three different defensive schemes he's had to deal with in the three years he's been in Chicago. It should be interesting to see how he performs now that he is playing for a top-notch organization and coaching staff.