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Week 3 Patriots vs Jaguars: GIF of the Week

What is the Patriots play of the week?

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gronkowski Rumblin' Rumblin'

You know the Patriots have won presnap when the safety makes his move before Tom Brady gets the ball in the backfield. The safety tips his hands and runs to the line to help watch running back Dion Lewis. This leaves nothing but empty field for Rob Gronkowski to pick up massive yardage.

Brady will always have a field day against zone defenses because he's too quick and too accurate for defenders to get into place, and the smallest misstep will leave a YAC-monster like Gronkowski open with no one around him.

Dion Lewis and Rob Gronkowski Super Train

Dion Lewis does a great job avoiding the defenders to get into the end zone, but this play is about more than that. Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman both use Jaguars defenders to remove additional defenders from the play. Gronk ends up blocking three players on this single snap.

The Patriots two best offensive players just beat up on five Jaguars defenders. That's a mismatch that wins every time.

Devin McCourty's Fingertip Grab

It seems like Blake Bortles is throwing a football made of helium because this ball saaaaaaails. Bortles actually makes the smart read and the right play, but with a horrible, horrible, horrible, throw. The Patriots are in single deep and the tight end has space up the seam on the inside. A good pass converts for a first down.

A bad pass goes right to Devin McCourty. Or Malcolm Butler. Butler probably makes this pick, too. But I guess we can't be too choosy?

Matthew Slater Stops the Sneak

There is no camera angle that does this play the justice it deserves, and I'm not sure if uploading the GIF sped up the picture. But Matthew Slater is a homing missile on this play and he isn't fooled for a second. Pure instincts.

O Captain, my Captain.