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BREAKING DeflateGate News: Judge Berman Overturns Tom Brady's Suspension

Tom Brady has beaten the NFL in court.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

DeflateGate has been dragging on since late January and has been a constant back and forth between the NFL and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Today, Brady - or District Judge Richard M. Berman to be exact - delivered a blow which might not be the final one in this whole fiasco but as important as Malcolm Butler intercepting the goal line pass late in the Super Bowl (remember, the Patriots' still had to get out of their one-yard line):

According to the Associated Press, Brady's four game suspension has been overturned:

This is a crucial step towards ending this whole fiasco in Brady's favor because Berman ruled against the NFL's claims due to "several significant legal deficiencies". You can read the 40-page order detailing why the judge ruled in Brady's favor here.

The order also means that Brady will start next Thursday's season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We are on to 2015. We are on to unveiling the 2014 Championship banner.

#FreeBrady = check