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New England Patriots Trade TE Michael Hoomanawanui, Release Dekoda Watson and 3 Others from the Practice Squad

The Patriots start off their bye week with some 53 and practice squad moves.

Hooman will be taking his talents to Bourbon Street. Good luck Saints Broadcasters.
Hooman will be taking his talents to Bourbon Street. Good luck Saints Broadcasters.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of writing a separate article for each piece, I'm just going to lump them in together. The Patriots traded TE Michael Hoomanawanui to the New Orleans Saints while releasing LB Dekoda Watson from the 53-man roster along with WR Kenbrell Thompkins, DL Joe Vellano, and OL Chris Barker from the practice squad. The Patriots have 1 vacancy on their 53-man roster and 3 on the practice squad. The next game is against Dallas in Jerry World in Week 5, so they have time to fill in those spots. Here's who the Patriots worked out this week:

  • RB Montee Ball
  • RB Darrin Reaves
  • TE Brandon Bostick
  • TE Brian Leonhardt
  • TE Konrad Reuland
  • QB Zac Dysert
Update: The Patriots worked out these guys as well

The Patriots moves at TE and RB the last couple days suggest that one of those 6 could potentially be added in the near future. The Patriots always keep the back-end of their roster fluid. With the acquisition of Michael Williams as a tackle/tight end hybrid, the need for a 2nd blocker with Gronk wasn't there. Hooman was inactive for the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, so this move isn't in the least bit surprising. We'll update on the return later. For now, the Saints broadcasters can figure out how to pronounce that guy's last name. It's "Oh-oh-ma-now-a-new-ee" for anyone who asks.

Update: The Patriots received DL Akiem Hicks in return.