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DeflateGate: Patriots Odds Change with Return of Tom Brady

With the judge ruling in favor of Tom Brady, the odds have moved in the Patriots favor!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the reinstatement of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots odds of winning and producing on offense have swung in the positive direction. Per Bovada, here are the following lines for Tom Brady:

Total Passing Yards in the 2015 Regular Season
Over/Under 4300

Total TD Passes in the 2015 Regular Season
Over/Under 30

Total Interceptions in the 2015 Regular Season
Over/Under 10

MVP 20-1 to 10-1

NFL Passing Yards Leader 20-1 to 12-1

For context, Brady has surpassed 4,300 passing yards in four of the past six seasons. He threw for 4,109 yards in the regular season.

Brady has 30+ touchdowns in four of the past five seasons. The only year he didn't was in 2013 with a brand new group of receivers.

Brady has averaged 10 interceptions over the past four years.

The Patriots as a team have seen their chances of winning increase as well.

Odds Changes After Today's Ruling
Super Bowl 10-1 to 9-1
AFC 4-1 to 15-4
AFC East 2-3 to 1-2
Regular Season Wins 10.5 +100 to 10.5 -150 over
To Make Playoffs -375 Yes to -400 Yes

Yes, this means that the Patriots are now even more of a favorite to win pretty much everything.

Welcome back, Tom.