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Patriots WR Chris Harper Has Made the Team!

The New England Patriots are shallow at wide receiver, but their undrafted free agent made the squad!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Follow along for all of the Patriots roster cuts!

While the New England Patriots released a certain veteran wide receiver because apparently Bill Belichick is too tough of a coach, there is an undrafted rookie that is working his hardest to make a dream come true.

The Patriots have an undrafted player make the roster on an annual basis and the departure of Reggie Wayne and the injuries to half of the receivers on the roster opened a door for the California graduate to make an impact.

Harper led the team in receptions and yards during the preseason and offers value all over the offensive formation. He attacks the ball and he has quick feet, although he's still a definite work in progress. While he likely was a practice squad candidate, things change and Harper is now getting his chance to leave his mark.

He will be behind Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola on the depth chart, as well as Aaron Dobson, but that's just a detail to Harper. His dream is coming true.

Congrats to Harper!