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New England Patriots Links 9/06/15 - Weekend Update: Emptying the Dumpster

Cleaning deflategate links out of the system

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports


  • Tom Brady issues a statement on Facebook.
  • Mike Reiss hears from Josh McDaniels on Tom Brady, praising him for how he stayed focused on his job.
  • Ben Volin reports NFLPA lawyer Jeffrey Kessler expressed confidence that they had a strong case no matter which court the case was heard in.
  • Braden Campbell hears from legal experts who say the NFL will have a tough time getting the Brady decision overturned.
  • Jackie MacMullan admits she was wrong about Tom Brady and wonders why the NFL was so hell-bent on tarnishing the legacy of one of its most ardent ambassadors and successful players.
  • Matt Goisman captures the reaction of Brady's vacated suspension from around Cape Cod, including former head coach of the Green Bay Packers Mike Sherman: 'No one was paying attention' to psi.
  • Jerry Thornton posts a few examples of how Pats fans won the internet on #BradyFreeDay.
  • Cameron McDonough hears Pro golfer Keegan Bradley show support for Tom Brady and the Patriots at TPC Boston.
  • Tom E. Curran believes the NFL owners want to keep Roger Goodell out of the courts and off the stand.