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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 008: DeflateGate Party, Roster Cuts, Steelers Preview

The New England Patriots are on to the 2015 season, but Alec and Rich need one last moment to celebrate the victory over Roger Goodell.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots haven't started the 2015 season, but they already have a victory over Roger Goodell and the NFL. Quarterback Tom Brady has been cleared of his suspension because Goodell and his cronies went out of bounds during their phony investigation.

Alec and Rich take some time to celebrate because this is one of the greatest Patriots moments of the past decade. Seriously. Not joking.

The Patriots have finalized their initial roster so Alec and Rich discuss which players were surprise releases and which players have the most to gain early on the season. There are some clear holes in the roster at multiple positions, but can the team compensate with greater performances from other areas?

And the Steelers come to town on Thursday and the Patriots are ready to start their march across the league, running up the score, and asserting their will and dominance against every opponent. Pittsburgh is coming at a bad time for Pennsylvania, and it's not just because they're facing Angry Brady. They have a lot of problems and weaknesses that match up with the Patriots strengths.

Alec and Rich cover it all. Available in the iTunes store. Please subscribe and comment on what you want to hear about in future podcasts!