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New England Patriots 2015 Team Captains: Tom Brady, Jerod Mayo...Ryan Wendell?

The New England Patriots captains for the 2015 have been announced.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots captains for the 2015 season know, thanks to ESPN's Mike Reiss. The following players have been voted as team captains:


Quarterback Tom Brady - The general is back as a captain for his 14th season in a row (and his 15th as a start, 16th with the team).

Interior Lineman Ryan Wendell - The Patriots needed to replace the retired Dan Connolly as captain and the Patriots have dipped into the veteran well. Wendell, who might not even have a starting spot on the line, is the old man of the group, having been with New England since his time on the 2007 practice squad. This will be Wendell's first year as a captain.

Left tackle Nate Solder - Solder is a well respected leader in the community. His teammates look up to him and the coaches really appreciate what he brings on a daily basis. This will be his first year as captain.


Linebacker Jerod Mayo - Mayo has retained his captaincy, but it remains seen if the green helmet dot comes with the title. If not, Mayo might not be an every down player. Mayo's been a captain since is sophomore season in 2009.

Safety Devin McCourty - The All Pro free safety is a dream for the coaching staff due to his work ethic and his leadership. McCourty, like Mayo, has also been a captain since his sophomore season in 2011.

Edge defender Rob Ninkovich - Ninkovich moonlighted as a captain in 2013 when both Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo were lost for the season, and now he'll have the title in full.

Special Teams

All Pro Matthew Slater - Bill Belichick has often said that he would be a happy coach if his roster was filled with Matthew Slaters. Slater breaks down the huddle after games and is a true professional. He became a captain alongside McCourty in 2011.