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NFL Playoffs Patriots vs Chiefs: Craig Wrolstad Assigned as Referee

The second-year referee will work his first playoff game on Saturday.

"The AFC Championship Game is this way, gentlemen."
"The AFC Championship Game is this way, gentlemen."
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the New England Patriots will host the Kansas City Chiefs, as New England tries to advance to its fifth straight AFC Championship Game. While we do not yet know who will eventually be active and on the field for both teams, we now know who will watch those who face off this weekend.

According to Mike Reiss, Craig Wrolstead has been assigned as referee for the Patriots' first playoff game:

Craig Wrolstad has been assigned as referee for Patriots-Chiefs divisional-round game. In NFL since 2003. Promoted to referee in 2014.

Wrolstad has entered the NFL officiating stage in 2003 as a field judge. He worked 10 seasons in that position but prior to the 2014 season was promoted to referee. As referee, Wrolstad has worked 25 games so far calling 13.96 penalties per average game (6.52 on the home team, 7.44 on the visitors). Patriots vs Chiefs will be his first playoff game as a referee.

Even though he was part of nine New England games during his time as field judge, Wrolstad has never called a Patriots game as referee.

The complete officiating crew for Saturday's game looks as follows (via Ben Volin):

Referee: Craig Wrolstad (4)

Umpire: Roy Ellison (81)

Head Linesman: Phil McKinnely (110)

Line Judge: Rusty Baynes (59)

Field Judge: Boris Cheek (41)

Side Judge: Gary Cavaletto (60)

Back Judge: Shawn Hochuli (83)

Replay Official: Mike Wimmer

Replay Assistant: Greg Shields

Supervisor: Gary Slaughter