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WSJ: Tom Brady's Games of Catch are Insane

The Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark is one of my favorite writers because he always finds a unique story to present in an entertaining way. He's here to talk about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and how he plays catch with certain players on his team.

"We're five yards apart, in the locker room, so I'm thinking this will be some soft-touch stuff," [wide receiver Brandon LaFell] said. "Then he starts doing his footwork, flicking his hips, just zipping the ball, all in the locker room."

It's no surprise that Brady is an animal. He likes eating grass and foods that I choose to believe don't exist, he doesn't drink coffee, and he's a perfectionist to the utmost degree. Of course he plays catch the same way that a former high school quarterback plays flag football with his college buddies- with a lot of zip to just try and break some hands.

My favorite part is from tight end Tony Gonzalez:

After one pass hit Gonzalez squarely in the chest, Brady chided himself for not getting the ball a little further in front of his target. Gonzalez was confused- €”the pass was perfect. But Brady explained that if the ball had been a foot and a half in front of the receiver's body, it would mean an extra three yards gained after the catch.

Brady called up the greatest tight end in the history of football to play some catch, and was upset that he couldn't lead the now-television analyst through a gauntlet of fake defenders for a couple extra imaginary yards after the catch.

Go read the article. It's worth your time.