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Pats Pulpit's 2015 Year User Activity Results

As the Patriots head into their first playoff game of the 2015 season, we can put a bow on our 2015 season at Pats Pulpit. We've experienced tremendous growth thanks to all of your continued support (and some thanks to a fake scandal that dominated the offseason).

We've tallied the numbers and thought you might be interested in the results of which users claimed the greatest activity on the site.

Most FanPosts

10. gnatecolby 11

t-8. cruelangelT 12

t-8. Middlesex 12

7. TheDanMarowni 13

6. runwesrun 16

t-4. BeatGraphs 17

t-4. freeland1787 17

3. Jamesdevlin 20

2. IRD 21

1. SmashmouthD 30

We've had some pretty incredible posts over the year, with the best ones immortalized in our All Time Articles section. Also kudos to runwesrun for the ongoing Tommy of the Week series.

Most Comments

10. SlotMachinePlayer 4098

9. Marima 4944

8. prioris 5018

7. freeland1787 5167

6. Questionablepatsfan 5340

5. b1adesofcha0s 5356

4. Bososx13 6488

3. DocOne 6512

2. TheDanMarowni 6566

1. Jamesdevlin 15053

It looks like Jamesdevlin just had a 2007 Tom Brady moment this past season where he lapped the field multiple times with regards to his activity.

I'd like to also take this time to highlight that our community has nearly quadrupled in size over the past year. This means more people, more faces, and more personalities. We want our community to continue to be an open space for all Patriots fans who want to stay away from the nonsense of some outlets and focus on facts, fun, and Tom Brady's dietary decisions.

The fact that we're growing is great because it allows us more capacity to produce more frequent and higher quality content than any other Patriots outlet on the internet. The downside is that there will unfortunately be some contributors and visitors that rub each other the wrong way and can cause some pretty ugly scenes in the comments section that really turns off others from joining in.

We, as moderators, will have to work on improving our ability to cut off some of these conversations before they devolve, but we would really appreciate if everyone could work on helping as well. Spirited debate is what makes the comments section great, but personal attacks ruin it for everyone. Ask yourself is this person worth the reaction? and then move on.

If you really feel the need to respond, please just use the "-_-" emoji and carry on with your day.

Use the emoji in response to articles you dislike. Use it when a comment is so outrageous it makes your eyes bleed (but then go see a doctor about that; it's not normal). Use it when a visiting troll swings by for a visit. Use it when you see overt misogyny, racism, xenophobia, or any sort of disparaging commentary that's meant to incite instead of contribute. A moderator will drop by quickly to help assess the situation. We want everyone to feel welcome.

Thanks to everyone for making this the best community on the internet!