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NFL Playoffs Patriots vs Chiefs: Bill Belichick Should Ask Texans For Their Game Plan

In what is the most disappointing news of the week, it seems that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won't be asking former back-up quarterback Brian Hoyer for any tips on facing the Kansas City defense. Hoyer, the starting quarterback for the Texans, played against the Chiefs in the wild card round of the playoffs and had a front row seat on how to approach the game.

I can't understand this and I think head coach Bill Belichick needs to step in and make this happen. Call Texans head coach Bill O'Brien. Call any of the former Patriots staffers. Call Big Vince Wilfork. Call Houston and get as much information you can.

Does Brady understand what he's missing out on? He can ask Hoyer for what the Texans approach was last week, and then go through the Patriots plan with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and rip out any page that is similar to the Texans plan.

Hoyer just put up one of the worst playoff efforts in history with a 15/34 (44.1%) for 136 yards, 0 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, and 2 fumbles. If Brady can go through and ask what Hoyer was doing on each play, then the Patriots could do the exact opposite and fare better than the Texans.

On a serious note, the Texans actually made it within scoring range on multiple occasions against the Chiefs, but turnovers and sacks really ruined Houston's chances. The Texans trailed 13-0 at halftime, while Hoyer had already thrown three interceptions and lost a fumble.

If Houston better protected the ball, the score could have been 13-10 without the goal line interception or the fumble at the 30 yard line. If Hoyer didn't throw an interception during the two minute drill, starting at the Texans 40 yard line, the score could have been an even 13-13 at halftime and the complexion of the game would be entirely different.

Ifs, ifs, ifs, but the fact is that Patriots really could learn from the absolute implosion of the Texans.