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Chandler Jones Hospitalized on Sunday, Didn't Miss Practice

This is a really bizarre story. New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was hospitalized on Sunday, per the Boston Herald. Jones has not missed practice this week.

Per the report, Jones arrived at the Foxboro Police Department on Sunday morning, where he was "evaluated by fire and EMS officials before being transported to Norwood Hospital". Foxboro Police is denying any interaction with Jones, but the denial is based on the fact that Jones was there for medical reasons, and not for police reasons.

Included in the file was one officer traveling "to Jones' home to secure the residence", which also seems extremely peculiar. The cherry on top is that a Foxboro police officer modified the records immediately after the Boston Herald requested a copy of them; the police chief says that medical information was hidden.

Jones has been suffering from toe and abdominal injuries.

The Herald included the following statement from the Patriots:

"Chandler Jones was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and released that day. He reported to work on time Monday morning and has participated in all meetings and practices since then."

But Jones being hospitalized, best friend Rob Gronkowski not being at practice, and Bill Belichick having a black eye? This is certainly an interesting week in New England.