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NFL Expected to Move Rams, Chargers to Los Angeles, Raiders to Remain in Oakland

The NFL seems to be winding down on its Bachelor-like competition to move a couple of teams to Los Angeles, and there's no rose left for the Oakland Raiders.

Per most reports, it looks like the Rams, née St. Louis, and the Chargers, née San Diego, are destined to have a joint stadium in Los Angeles.

The move will involve one AFC West team and one NFC West team, so realignment will not be necessary. There will now be four teams within a six-hour window of travel as the Rams and Chargers will join the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers on the coast of California.

Will this affect the Patriots in any way? Probably not, although we could possibly see teams request to have more back-to-backs if the team is scheduled to travel to face any combination of these four teams in a single season.

Full confirmation will likely be out soon, but apparently the Chargers are upset about the outcome. We'll keep watching.