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AUDIO: Listen to Police and Fire Dispatches on Patriots DE Chandler Jones

The Boston Herald broke the news that New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was hospitalized on Sunday. Jones hasn't missed practice this week, but there was definite concern surrounding the circumstances and events that led the Patriots star pass rusher to the hospital. was able to obtain the audio of the police dispatches, which sheds some light as to what happened.

"I got his keys off the kitchen table, I was able to lock the front door. If you want to just pass along to the fire, he was definitely involved with class D delta before this happened, just so they know." -6:17 in the Chandler Jones Dispatch Audio

One dispatch requests a medical and mental evaluation for Jones in the parking lot, which aligns with the many reports saying that Jones appeared disoriented.

Class D substances include marijuana and phenobarbitals (used to combat epilepsy, trouble sleeping, and anxiety, as well as to support surgery). Many initial reports claimed that Jones had "overdosed on pills," which would align with the phenobarbitals instead of marijuana.

Jones has been battling abdominal and toe injuries, including an injury that forced him out of week 17 at the last minute. The fact that Jones went to the police station at 7:42 AM, in conjunction with his return to practice and the team's acknowledgment of the hospitalization, would make the whole situation seem like he just had a bad reaction to some medicine, or had too much of whatever the police found while picking up Jones' keys.

The Patriots know that every story about the team will be dug up to explode on the national level, so they would likely not try to bury any wrongdoing. If Jones did something wrong- and was truthful to the organization- the team would likely try to get ahead of the issue.

Until more information is known, let's all just hope that Jones is okay and has a proper support network, and that this isn't the symptom of a greater issue.

Audio below, courtesy of

Police Dispatch

Fire Dispatch