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Bill Belichick is Ready for his Close-Up

If and when New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick decides to retire from football, he can go one of two directions.

He can go to his house in Nantucket, ride around in his aptly named boat Seventeen Rings (we can dream, right?), drink wine, and act all classy on the beach. He could coach a local high school lacrosse team to infinite national titles, he could become fluent in multiple languages, he could travel to the moon, probably.

Or he could stay in football and become a television analyst, either as the color-guy on a broadcast or one of those pregame show hosts. He's one of the most brilliant minds in the game's history and everyone would benefit from his continued impact on the sport.

Monday Morning Quarterback did a segment on the production of the Patriots Belichick Breakdown series and it just makes Belichick seem even more brilliant and human than before.

"There is no real rehearsal," says Matt Smith, who in 2004 left his local Boston TV producing job to join Kraft Sports Productions. He is now the executive producer of the Patriots' in-house television department. "We are generally rolling tape less than two minutes from when he walks in door."

Apparently Belichick just sends the video clips that he wants to cover to the production house, strolls in, and does a perfect job every time.

Scott Zolak, who co-hosts the segment, chimes in that Belichick does these segments for the fans, and to show that the head coach is not an emotionless automaton.

I'm hoping that Belichick and Zo team up to provide an alternative television broadcast on a weekly basis. That would be outstanding.